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WANTED TO BUY » We buy Used Caterpillar D9-D10 dozers

We buy Used Caterpillar D9-D10 dozers

We have a steady demand for an Used Caterpillar D9-D10 dozers
- Clean Machines
- No older than 2000 year
- Working hours no more than 12,000 hrs
- No leaks and no cracks, there are also no welds other than original
- Engine has no leaks, the cooling system is good, powertrain is good
- Overall undercarriage not less than 60%

Desirable to have:
Aircon, Camera, single shank cat ripper or multi shank ripper, su/tilt blade

We are assist in a quick realization and free placement on our websites!
Term of sale is 1-3 months.
Please submit detailed information on items offered as well as photographs of items in question.

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