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Leyland Daf 8x6 multilift drops system

Leyland Daf   8x6  multilift drops system | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



The Leyland DAF DROPS Multi Lift System 8x6 ex military truck is a versatile logistic support vehicle, designed for off-road application and capable of transporting large quantities of various loads to front-line troops. It forms the logistic backbone of the British Army. This 8x6 truck has a payload capacity of 15 000 kg. It is also referred as the MMLC (Medium Mobility Load Carrier) due to it's payload equivalent to a medium load. It uses a Multilift Mk.4 hydraulic load handling system, which loads and unloads flatracks or containers rapidly. Vehicle can also tow two trailer types, with a maximum weight of about 15 000 kg. These are specially designed to carry the same load pallet, transferred from the main vehicle.
Kirkstall Axles, Inter Axle and Cross Axle Diff Locks, Power Steering, Air brakes, Rear Nato style hitch.
The truck has a ZF fully automatic transmission. The drops handling system can pick up loads of up to 15,000 kg's.
Option to fit service platform, water/fuel tanker or 20ft. container flatrack.

Specification of the Leyland DAF Multi Lift System 8x6 ex military truck

Engine: Perkins eagle 350LM 6 cylinder turbo diesel 350hp
Maximum road speed 75 km/h
Gearbox ZF Auto 6 speed plus Torque Converter Gearbox
Steering PAS - LHD only
Tyres 18 R 22.5 Michelin
Max-Load 15,000kg
Electrical System 24 volt
Length 9.1m
Height 3.18m
Width 2.5m
G.V.W. 32,000kg

Leyland DAF DROPS Multi Lift System 8x6:
Mobility -Range 500 kms
Gradient 61%
Fording 0.75 m

Last but not least they are designed for climatic zones A1 to C1
according to STANAG 2895, and even with the series equipment
they can withstand extreme outside temperatures from minus 45
to plus 50 degrees Celsius.