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You are here: Ex.Military Tracked Excavators | Caterpillar 325 DL tracked excavator

Caterpillar 325 DL tracked excavator

Inquiry: 51224
Manufactured by:   Caterpillar    ID: 586 | Ref MOD:32936
Units Available for sale:   1  

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 7,200 hrs
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Location: The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, The UK
The price: P.O.A.

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SPEC SHEET (Description) Caterpillar 325 DL tracked excavator

Caterpillar 325 DL tracked excavator, 2006 year, 800 mm pads, good clean machine.
Year of Manufacture 2006

Specification Caterpillar 325 DL excavator

Engine Caterpillar mC7 ACERT
Net Power 190 hp 141.7 kw
Power Measured @ 1800 rpm
Displacement 440 cu in 7.2 L

Operational Caterpillar 325 DL

Operating Weight 64460 lb 29240 kg
Fuel Capacity 137 gal 520 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 7.9 gal 30 L
Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity 82 gal 310 L
Engine Oil Capacity 7.9 gal 30 L
Swing Drive Fluid Capacity 2.6 gal 10 L
Operating Voltage 24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 65 amps
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 5221 psi 36000 kPa
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 124.2 gal/min 470 L/min

Swing Mechanism Caterpillar 325 DL

Swing Speed 10.2 rpm
Swing Torque 60628 lb ft 82200 Nm

Undercarriage Caterpillar 325 DL

Number of Shoes per Side 50
Shoe Size 32 in 800 mm
Number of Carrier Rollers per Side 2
Number of Track Rollers per Side 9
Max Travel Speed 3.3 mph 5.3 km/h
Drawbar Pull 55977 lb 249 kN
Track Gauge 8.5 ft in 2590 mm

Buckets Caterpillar 325 DL

Reference Bucket Capacity 1.8 yd3 1.4 m3
Maximum Bucket Capacity 2.6 yd3 2 m3

Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1 Boom 20'2" (6150mm) / Stick 12'4" (3750mm) -Reach
Shipping Height of Unit 11.9 ft in 3632 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 34.2 ft in 10410 mm
Max Digging Depth 25.7 ft in 7833 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 36.6 ft in 11153 mm
Max Cutting Height 33.8 ft in 10297 mm
Max Loading Height 23.3 ft in 7102 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 21.6 ft in 6590 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 2
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 2 Boom 20'2" (6150mm) / Stick 10'6" (3200mm) -Reach
Shipping Height of Unit 10.4 ft in 3180 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 34.2 ft in 10410 mm
Max Digging Depth 23.9 ft in 7283 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 35 ft in 10656 mm
Max Cutting Height 33.2 ft in 10115 mm
Max Loading Height 22.7 ft in 6908 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 20.2 ft in 6143 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 3
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 3 Boom 20'2" (6150mm) / Stick 8'8" (2650mm) -Reach
Shipping Height of Unit 10.5 ft in 3190 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 34.2 ft in 10420 mm
Max Digging Depth 22.1 ft in 6733 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 33.4 ft in 10176 mm
Max Cutting Height 32.8 ft in 10000 mm
Max Loading Height 22.2 ft in 6762 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.1 ft in 5811 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 4
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 4 Boom 18'2" (5550mm) / Stick 10'6" (3200mm) -Mass Boom
Shipping Height of Unit 10.3 ft in 3130 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 32.2 ft in 9800 mm
Max Digging Depth 22.1 ft in 6738 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 32.9 ft in 10023 mm
Max Cutting Height 31.8 ft in 9686 mm
Max Loading Height 21.3 ft in 6480 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth 18.4 ft in 5611 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 5
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 5 Boom 18'2" (5550mm) / Stick 8'2" (2500mm) -Mass Boom
Shipping Height of Unit 10.7 ft in 3250 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 32.3 ft in 9860 mm
Max Digging Depth 20.1 ft in 6130 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 31 ft in 9453 mm
Max Cutting Height 30.3 ft in 9227 mm
Max Loading Height 19.6 ft in 5968 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth 16.6 ft in 5051 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 6
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 6 Boom 33'6" (10200mm) / Stick 25'9" (7850mm) -Super Long Reach Boom
Shipping Height of Unit 10.6 ft in 3230 mm
Shipping Length of Unit 47.2 ft in 14380 mm
Max Digging Depth 48 ft in 14620 mm
Max Reach Along Ground 61 ft in 18600 mm
Max Cutting Height 48.7 ft in 14842 mm
Max Loading Height 41.8 ft in 12735 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth 45.9 ft in 13986 mm

Dimensions Caterpillar 325 DL

Width to Outside of Tracks 11.1 ft in 3390 mm
Height to Top of Cab 10 ft in 3040 mm
Ground Clearance 1.6 ft in 490 mm
Counterweight Clearance 3.7 ft in 1110 mm
Tail Swing Radius 10.1 ft in 3080 mm

Please note these are not M.O.D owned assets
Location: The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, The UK
Export Requirements: NLR Stock (No Licence Required)

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