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You are here: Ex.Military All Terrain Vehicles | NEW engine Ford ZSO 424 for Hagglunds Bv206

NEW engine Ford ZSO 424 for Hagglunds Bv206

NEW engine Ford ZSO 424 for Hagglunds Bv206 | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale


For fitting on our vehicles only

NEW engine Ford ZSO 424 RANGE for Hagglunds Bv206 (NEW INSTALLATION)
- Capacity 2.4 litre
- Power 136 HP 4000 1/min
- Cooling system closed, with expansion tank
- Normal operating temperature 82-97 °C
- Lubrication forced-circulation with thermostat-controlled air-cooled oil cooler
- Air cleaner dry typ
- Fuel Consumption approx Ca.11 Liter/h
- Any standard diesel can be used with this engine
- Direct injection combustion system with four valves per cylinder giving excellent
fuel economy and low emission levels
- Twin chain driven overhead camshafts (hollow) operating the valves via rocker
arms and hydraulic tappets
- Camshaft carrier to support both camshafts
- Aluminium cylinder head in two pieces (reduced height)
- Aluminium
intermediate housing with separate
pressed steel oil pan to increase cylinder block stiffness and reduce noise
- Multilayer steel cylinder head gasket
- Chain driven oil pump
- Combined oil filter and oil cooler
- Electronically controlled and chain driven fuel injection pump
- Electric fuel lift pump
- Electronically controlled EGRsystem
- Engine testing and fault diagnosis can be carried out by
means of the WDS analyser via the Data
Link Connector in the wiring loom
- Thermo-plastic intake manifold
- Integrated turbocharger/exhaust
- Central two stage high pressure fuel injectors for improved
- Sound deadened steel front cover