Mini Corn Combine Harvester
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Mini Corn Combine Harvester for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2022
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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NEW Mini Corn Combine Harvester 4YZP-2

Total weight (kg) 1680
Mating power(kW) 21.86(JD 33)/23.5(LC35)

1. Compact structure and good maneuverability;
2. Dispense with clearing way by labor;
3. Small volume, light weight, few loss of grain, high efficiency.

4YZP-2 mini corn harvester is a kind of new production which is produced according to the need of customers and market. This machine can be mated power from 25 hp to 35 hp, it can finish the work of picking, peeling, cutting and returning in one time. This machine has many advantages such as reasonable structure, short body, few fuel consumption, easy operating, and high efficiency. Each index gets to the national standard; it is the best choice for users.

Features of the Mini Corn Combine Harvester:
1. Compact structure, good maneuverability, dispense with clearing way by labor. Can finish picking, conveying, peeling, collecting, cutting and returning in one time.
2. Chain type pulling forced gather technology can solve the adaptability problem among multiple lines.
3. Pulling stem roller, picking spike plate type picking device which is simple structural, small volume, light weight, few loss of grain, high efficiency.
4. Self-peeling machine is high efficiency, the same as cutting and returning device.
5. National initiate: peeling machine front mounted, peeling in different lines, prevent blocking.
6. National initiate: self propelled double lines harvester which is lowest and lightest also has complete function.
7. National initiate: front and back wheel track adjustable.
8. National initiate: double connecting rod, slider elevator mechanism to increase the stability of header and height of rise and fall.
9. Fluid-link steering, easy operating.
10. National initiate: grain tank middle mounted, hydraulic unloading to one side.
11. Main gear shift lever is put by the right side of steering wheel, so engaging a gear is comfortable.
Mini Corn Combine Harvester  for sale Mini Corn Combine Harvester  for sale Mini Corn Combine Harvester for sale Mini Corn Combine Harvester | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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