Sewage Suction Truck 4x2
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Sewage Suction Truck  4x2 for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW HOWO SINOTRUK 6CBM / 8CBM Sewage Suction Truck 4x2 LHD or RHD
HOWO SUCTION SEWAGE TRUCK where Created by German MAN technology.

The sewage suction truck produced by our company adopts the vacuum pump of the international leading sewage suction truck. It has a large suction power and a long suction range. It is especially suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of the sludge in the sewer, especially the sewage sludge and sludge.

Specification of Sewage
Vacuum pump 60QZB-FDX and 50QZB-120
Suction depth >5m
Time of Full pump <12min
Pump Speed 500r/min

Basic Parameters
Driving Type: 4x2 / 6 Wheels / 2 Axles
Horse Power: 266HP / 290HP / 336HP
Transmission: HW19710, 10F & 2R
Tank Body Size: 6CBM / 8CBM

Brand Name: Sinotruk Sewage Suction Truck
Certification: ISO, CCC
Model Number: Howo7

1. Large power vacuum suction pump and high quality hydraulic system Sewage Suction Truck
2. Tank head is one die casting ,the tank can be opened,duble dump.
3. The dirt in the tank can be directly dumped by the back cover.
4. High vacuum degree,Large tonnage, high efficiency and wide use

Body configuration of the Sewage Suction Truck 4x2:

The volume of the pollution chain is about 7 cubic meters, and it is made of high-quality steel plate of WISCO. The wall thickness of the cylinder is 6 thick. The middle of the chain body is reasonably designed with a wave-proof reinforcement plate Degree 35 cm, wall thickness 6 thick)

The volume of the clean water tanks on both sides is 3 cubic meters, high-quality steel plates of WISCO. The wall thickness is 4 thick, the two warehouses are interconnected, the clean water tanks on both sides are installed with low-level drainage and slag discharge ports, and the top of the water tank has two 100 Ventilation port (can also be used as water filling port)

Sewage tank and clean water tank with intercommunication function (installed stainless steel filter in the middle)

The water inlet of the water tank is a ball valve type fire hydrant (easy to switch and durable), with a fire interface and a pagoda-type handwashing valve

An anti-overflow valve is installed on the top of the sewage tank, and two stainless steel filters are installed at the air inlet of the vacuum pump (to prevent dirt from entering the vacuum pump)

The vacuum pump is equipped with a drain valve, and the pump seat is designed to be more than 26 cm above the ground, and the passing rate is high.

The rear high pressure reel is fixed by triangular double bolts, which is stable and reliable. The reel is enlarged and thickened, and it is equipped with a shower (after the high pressure pipe is operated, the high pressure pipe can be flushed when it is recovered)

The two sides are tiled with patterned plate release platform, galvanized protective net, and patterned tear-proof guardrail. Beautiful and durable

The operating systems are neatly arranged in the operation box, with operating instructions and precautions (to prevent misuse)

Both the high-pressure three-way valve and the sewage suction four-way valve are installed with shock-resistant pressure gauges with a diameter of 100, which can resist the vibration of the working environment and reduce the pulsation of the medium pressure, and accurately display the actual pressure condition

Standard with a toolbox, a 100 sewage suction port, and a 150 sewage outlet (with ball valve afterburner)

Install the air blowing water function (northern region), which can effectively blow clean the residual water in the high-pressure pipe and high-pressure pump in winter, and prevent the high-pressure pipe and high-pressure pump from freezing and cracking.

Sewage Suction Truck  4x2  for sale Sewage Suction Truck  4x2  for sale Sewage Suction Truck  4x2 for sale Sewage Suction Truck  4x2 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Sewage Suction Truck  4x2 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Sewage Suction Truck  4x2 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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